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Aphids are polyphagous pests that affect all crops (greenhouse or outdoor, vegetable, fruit or ornamental) from the beginning of the season, when temperatures are still too cool for the auxiliaries available on the market to be effective.

With Eupeodes-System, Biobest offers a solution based on Eupeodes corollae, a predatory hoverfly native to Europe, whose extremely voracious larvae feed on all aphid species commonly found in crops at temperatures as low as 10°C.

Eupeodes corollae is packaged as pupae on a mixture of vermiculite and buckwheat hulls in a small 100 ml bottle. When the adults emerge, they mate and the females, with their extremely high scouting abilities, go in search of aphids in which to lay their eggs. Each female can lay up to 800 eggs, and when the egg hatches, the larva, which is adapted to cool temperatures, immediately eats its first aphids.

Even at cold temperatures, each larva can eat up to 1,000 aphids during its development.

This ability to lay eggs at low temperatures, the large number of eggs laid per female and the quantity of aphids that each larva can eat make Eupeodes corollae an essential solution to control aphids right from the beginning of the season.

Compatible with other products already available on the market such as Aphidius-System, Aphidoletes-System midge or Chrysopa-System chrysopid larvae, Eupeodes-System is a new cornerstone in the protection against aphids.

Moreover, if the exceptional scouting capacity of Eupeodes corollae makes it extremely effective, it is also the first biological control aid for which our Research and Development teams have been able to demonstrate that, in addition to playing a major role in the biological control of aphids, it actively contributes to pollination, when the adult visits the flowers in search of pollen and nectar.

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