Faced with increasing water stress and water shortages around the world, EF POLYMER was created to provide farmers with sustainable solutions to their water problems. Thanks to our patented technology, we recycle biological waste (e.g. orange and banana peels) to create the very first super-absorbent hydrogel polymer that is 100% natural and totally biodegradable in less than 1 year and optimised for agriculture (Ecocert organic farming certified).

Field trials and feasibility studies have shown that our product improves soil water-holding capacity and reduces irrigation requirements. It also reduces soil nutrient leaching and improves microbial growth and soil fertility.
EF Polymer comes in 2 forms: powder or pellets and is extremely easy to use. Simply mix it with the seeds or fertiliser and spread it in the soil. It absorbs up to 100 times its weight in water, then releases it when the plant and soil need it.

Farmers using EF POLYMER have seen their water requirements reduced by 40%, their fertiliser use cut by 20% and their yields increased by up to 30%.
EF Polymer is an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution that provides a perfect response to the present and future problems of water scarcity in agriculture.

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2024 SIVAL Silver medal winner

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