Syngenta - Semences Potagères

Cartesio is your new white Romanesco cauliflower with a very attractive shape.
* A perfect and regular shape
* Very tasty with a very soft, nutty texture
* Attractively shaped florets that are also suitable as a decorative garnish for all kinds of dishes
* Beautiful compact head that can easily be divided into florets more or less equal in size
* Rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, dietary fibres and carotenoids
* Weight: between 1.2kg and 1.8kg
* Neutral smell when cooked
* Cycle life: approximately 90 days
* New market opportunity

Manufacturer's details

Company name : PELISSIER Marie

Address : 12 Chem. de l'Hobit

Sectors :
Category : Varietal Innovation
2024 SIVAL Silver medal winner

Company details

Company name: Syngenta - Semences Potagères

Address: 12 Chem. de l'Hobit
31790 Saint-Sauveur

Tel : 0645618423