AQiT-sensor from Carbon Bee is a unique solution for detecting stress and disease in plants.
The solution is composed of:

– AQit-sensor: an electronic sensor, to capture data from a drone, a stilt tractor or a robot. It consists of capturing how plants (leaves, berries, twigs) reflect light in the spectrum visible to the human eye, and the non visible spectrum.
– AQiT-map: image processing software, enabling the “signatures” of disease and stress to be analysed, based on artificial intelligence algorithms. This enables areas detected in fields to be identified with greater precision.
The AQiT solution is a decision support system for the viticulture, crop growing and arboriculture markets.

Use cases are as follows:
– Early detection of diseases in vines, arboriculture and crop growing,
– Quick phenotyping for selection,
– Urban agriculture and greenhouses,
– Quality control of fruit and vegetables in factories,

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Category : Services et Logiciels
Nominated for SIVAL INNOVATION 2017

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