“Water balance” function for the e-terroir mapping interface


This decision-making support tool combines an interactive mapping tool of wine-growing areas (E-terroirs) and a soil water balance calculation model (WaLIS Inra-IFV).

Its allows you to get, daily or at D+7, maps of soil water balances for one plot. By clicking on a plot you can visualise the level of water reserve in the soil and the impact of soil coverage rate.


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Company name : Trydea

Address : 10 rue du bois de la Champelle 54 500 Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy

Website : http://www.trydea.fr

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Category : Services, software
2020 SIVAL Silver medal winner

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Company name: INTERLOIRE

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37000 TOURS

Tel : 02 47 60 55 00

Website : https://www.vinsvaldeloire.fr