Tutofi® is the first stake made 100% from recycled material from French industrial waste and 100% recyclable. It is a major innovation in the field of recycling. Thanks to a new technology capable of reprocessing industrial metal-plastic waste, we can offer a totally recycled stake that meets all the technical needs of winegrowers. Today, waste created in France can no longer be exported. The waste we use in the manufacturing of our stakes would either be buried or incinerated as it is impossible to recycle. As we can use metal with plastic, we can use many sources of waste such as toothpaste scraps (having never seen a drop of toothpaste), lipstick scraps (having never seen a lipstick), Covid face masks, SPARFLEX collar scraps, etc. In addition to this virtuous circle of waste recovery, we can confirm that the carbon footprint is much better with Tutofi® than with other types of stakes (which often come from Europe or Asia). Indeed, not only is Tutofi® a 100% French product, but the aim is to use the waste from one French départment to supply the stakes to the vineyards in that same départment. Production then becomes truly local. Stakes, at the end of their life, can be shredded and reused to make new stakes. The Tutofi® stake comes with a 10-year guarantee, is rot-proof and will not corrode. It can be used on several plantations. It is non-toxic and non-hazardous for the user (it does not hurt the hands, as the surfaces are smooth. Large section: anyone can fall and impale themselves on a metal stake, but not on a Tutofi®. This is also true for a tractor tyre). The dimensions and qualities of the Tutofi® are reliable because these stakes come from a mould, so the dimensions are always the same and the quality is strictly the same for each stake (which is not the case for other types of stakes). This innovation was made possible thanks to the support of CLIMAXION, ADEME, the Grand Est Region and France Relance.

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