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Tri-Soil® WP is a biocontrol product specifically for controlling pathogenic fungi in the soil in vegetable crops. This biofungicide contains the fungus Trichoderma Atroviride strain I-1237, at a dose of 100 million CFU/g.
This strain acts as an antagonist with soil fungi such as pythium and rhizoctonia. It works in many different and complex ways (spatial and nutritional competition, antibiosis and mycoparasitism) and enables imbalances between beneficial fungi and pathogens to be reduced, very often where the symptoms of soil-borne diseases appear.
Unlike many of the antagonistic micro-organisms already on the market, the innovation of strain I-1237 is characterised by its capacity to develop at low temperatures, which makes it an excellent competitor, particularly suited to the cold conditions of some field crops such as maincrop carrots. In vitro growth tests at 5°C showed continuous development for I-1237, whereas in comparison in the same conditions, other strains hardly germinated, if at all.
Tri-Soil® WP is used at the beginning of cultivation before sowing or planting, to ensure the best protection from planting through to harvest. It is applied by spraying just before the last soil preparation, which enables even distribution over the first few centimetres of soil.
Tri-Soil® is a wettable powder (WP) formulation, and keeps for 6 months at ambient temperature.
This product developed and manufactured exclusively in France by Agrauxine, is in the process of being approved (MA scheduled for the end of 2016) for initial uses on carrots and lettuce and will also be usable in organic farming.

Further information on 8 November 2016: We have just received Marketing Authorisation (MA) in France as planned, for different soil-borne disease related uses in vegetable crops.

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