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Trap-Eye TM is an innovative service that automates the task of monitoring flying insects in crops. With 40 Trap-Eye TM detection units per hectare, the subscription guarantees a complete and uniform overview of greenhouses, so that no outbreak is missed. It’s the only tool that allows growers to visualise the situation in the greenhouse without having to travel or use any manpower.

This new Trap-Eye TM system consists of a camera for each detection unit, which will photograph the associated sticky trap either once or three times a week. These units are easy to install, as they simply need to be magnetised to the greenhouse poles. Furthermore, the solar panels they are fitted with make them self-sufficient in energy; only the gateway unit needs to be connected to the power supply system. Thanks to its own system, the gateway unit transmits all the images collected to the artificial intelligence (AI), which currently counts and precisely identifies 6 different insects. These are Macrolophus pygmaeus, Nesiodiocoris tenuis, Tuta absoluta as well as whiteflies, thrips and leafminers. To date, it is the only system on the market that can differentiate between the two species of miridae. This is a considerable advantage, since M. pygmaeus is a beneficial insect, while N. tenuis is considered a pest, causing major yield losses in certain crops.

Graphs based on data from a unit, a zone or all the Trap-Eye TM in the greenhouse enable growers and their Biobest advisers to see how populations are evolving. By simply logging on to the online platform, wherever you are and whenever you want, you can customise and view pest pressure and beneficial insect installation thresholds. Lastly, Trap-Eye TM can be combined with Pats-C, which won a silver SIVAL award in 2023, as they share the same web interface.
Trap-Eye TM provides reliable, rapid and regular detection of 6 flying insects without human intervention, considerably improving crop monitoring and enabling biological control strategies to be customised and adapted.

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2024 SIVAL Gold medal winner

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