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PommaQuality® is a technological breakthrough designed to modernise and optimise the apple growing industry. The system offers a simplified and accurate way of assessing the quality of apples directly at the point of harvest, long before they reach the packing stations. Using artificial intelligence (AI), PommaQuality® analyses images of apples captured from the mobile app, providing accurate estimates of size and colour, two crucial attributes in adding value to products.

The innovation lies in the efficiency and speed of the system, enabling an almost instantaneous (and offline) assessment that was previously a manual, time-consuming and error-prone process. In addition, the ability to manually inspect apples for defects provides in-depth analysis, increasing the reliability of the data collected.

Growers benefit from real-time feedback on the quality of their harvest, which is vital for planning packaging, distribution and sales. The innovative aspect of PommaQuality® doesn’t stop there; its modular design allows for seamless integration with PommaFlow (a harvest tracking application), and its upgradability to other fruits or quality criteria points the way towards more informed and technologically advanced agriculture.

With PommaQuality®, growers are equipped with a powerful tool that not only improves crop management, but also serves as a gateway to the adoption of modern technologies in traditional farming practices.

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