Tonik is an apple variety developed by Dalival’s IFO R&D department. It is a two-coloured apple of good size, with a very attractive luminous pinkish red colour. Its balanced flavour combines a high sugar content with a good level of acidity.

The tree is productive and easy to manage, with a low susceptibility to scab and a genetic tolerance to fire blight. Its storage potential is excellent: the fruit can be stored for over 6 months under normal cold conditions without disease.

Tonik will provide arboriculturists with:
– Easy pruning, thinning and harvesting, with the option for mechanical pruning and leaf removal.
– Low susceptibility to disease, reducing the phytosanitary workload and costs together with a lesser loss of production.
– Productivity and regularity of production to ensure a regular annual income. The rather large size (75/85 mm) will provide good volume, even in northern and high-altitude areas where it is more difficult to produce large fruit. It is also the most profitable size.
– Excellent storage potential, with fruit that can be stored in cold rooms without the need for expensive technology or products.

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Category : Varietal Innovation
2024 SIVAL Silver medal winner

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