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The new Sensor Measuring Solution to view in real-time your Moisture content, EC and Temperature (MET) with more precision than ever before.
With this new sensor we are helping growers to unlock the power of data to optimize the irrigation and nutrition strategy, to increase yield and quality with as little water and energy as possible.
The CARA MET sensor is developed by Saint-Gobain Cultilene in cooperation with SOWNet Technologies (spin-off of TNO). Founding father of the sensor technology is dr. Max Hilhorst. Together with the Cultilene knowledge of stone wool substrate and the latest wireless communication technology, developed, we provide real-time remote root zone monitoring on any device, anywhere.
The CARA MET sensor is not just a regular sensor which can measure Moisture Content, EC and Temperature. It is an extremely accurate sensor which can measure with high precision and reliability for example EC 0-7/7-12 mS/cm with an accuracy of ±0.3/0.7 mS/cm. Thanks to new cloud computing technology, the CARA MET is updatable online, therefore the newest calibrations are always available for the client. Precision high EC pore algorithms permit correct measurements in substrates. More than just measurements, CARA MET transforms natural phenomena’s in numerical variables for precision horticulture.
CARA MET offers a simple solution to recurring problems. The slim design permits it to fit in all gutters, the fixer gives predefined position for several heights of slabs and permits a strong mechanical fix to the slab, therefore the sensor will stay positioned for all the growing season. No need for technical knowledge to install the sensor system, just power the base station, put batteries in the sensor and start measuring. Worldwide certification will offer growers, tools to monitor in detail there substrate dynamics anywhere around the globe.
The sensor CARA MET can unlock the valuable insights contained in big data and learn more about your root zone dynamics. View in real-time your Moisture content, EC and Temperature (MET) data via the water balance module on the Cultilene dashboard or visualize the data via your account linked to your climate computer.
• Plug and Play
• Wireless, battery powered offers you a growing season of continuous data
• Waterproof, easy to clean an disinfect
• Adapts to gutters
• Its added fixture permits a good positioning of the sensor without separation of the slab during the season
• Remote sensor update any new developed calibrations available thanks to IOT cloud computation
• Sensor can directly be inserted in the slab, no need of long extra cables
• You can easily find and see from a distance your sensor in the greenhouse due to the accent color Orange
• Latest wireless communication technology and option to connect via 4G or Ethernet cable to your base station.
• Open interface for connectivity and integration to other systems.
• Affordable

We believe that the grower should use at least 10 sensors per hectare instead of 1 per hectare. The more the better to get a good inside in what is happening in the root zone and map Moisture content, EC and Temperature in a greenhouse. CARA MET can help you in achieving your goals more than before.

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