Sachet-on-a-stick is an innovative system that releases beneficial insects onto greenhouse crops. Easy to use, it helps efficiently apply biological control methods from the earliest cultivation days and weeks onwards, i.e. when plants are small and vulnerable. The major benefit is the ability to protect each plant individually: as leaves don’t touch each other, beneficial insects cannot move easily throughout the crop. Sachets are mounted on sticks to be driven into the soil. Each sachet is a micro-farm containing mites known to prey on crop pests, which will spread all over the crop as they develop. These water-resistant sachets are designed to stay in place for a long time. Because they are easy to use, especially with seedlings, the need for plant-health chemicals is reduced throughout the entire cultivation process and they offer an excellent base to protect plants from pests such as thrips, phytophagous mites, white fly… They can be used on vegetables, ornamental plants, small-sized fruit, both in pots and planters or any other greenhouse or otherwise covered cultivation system.

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