TREFFLER’s parallelogram weeder (THP series) features a patented design that enables the hoeing tools to be continuously and centrally adjusted as close as possible to the row of plants, saving considerable time.

Thanks to rapid tool adjustment, users can improve weeding efficiency by reacting at any time to changing crop conditions. Excellence is not satisfied with compromise, and with the TREFFLER THP weeder, average settings are a thing of the past!
For example, the no-till hoeing width can be adjusted from the driver’s seat between 3 and 17 cm, without the need for a spanner.

The lateral rigidity of the tines, which work as close as possible to the crop, ensures outstanding precision for maximum efficiency and a particularly narrow no-till band.

The camera-controlled translatory system is fully integrated into the chassis and has a travel of 100 cm. This unique travel range means that the hoeing units can be positioned from the driver’s seat between the rows and above the row of plants using a single weeder.

It is thus possible to weed above the row for the first weeding operations on an underdeveloped crop, and between the rows in a more conventional way at later stages. The parallelograms can be raised to a height of 60cm for ISOBUS GPS section cutting, to protect the crop during later passes.

In particularly hard soil conditions, the parallelogram’s hydraulic load transfer ensures that the shares have a good penetration capacity. Conversely, in light soil conditions, it is possible to reduce ground pressure and even cancel out the weight of the machine to ensure that the hoeing tools work as shallow as possible.

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