The AMA assistant is a lightweight electric stilt tool that can be configured to plant all kinds of vegetables, as well as for weeding and harvesting. It allows one or more operators to be transported to carry out manual operations in the most ergonomic way possible.
The innovative aspect of the AMA is that it improves working conditions and is highly modular, making it the first such versatile assistant on the market.
Each farm can configure it for one or more uses, bearing in mind that it is completely upgradeable.
From a technical standpoint, this vehicle benefits from more than 10 years of ELATEC experience in the construction of electric self-propelled vehicles.
It is built with proven, high-performance industrial components.
Designed around a completely open chassis that can accommodate any workstation, it has 2 independent, disengageable drive wheels, precise electric steering, perfect control of speeds from a few meters per hour to 4.5km/h with huge torque. Energy is supplied by a high-performance 48V lithium battery, and an on-board computer manages the differential according to the trajectories requested by the driver, favouring precise bends even on soft or wet ground.

The AMA electric assistant can:
– Be configured as a self-propelled planter
– Carry operators on beds for manual weeding
– Carry operators for harvesting vegetables on seats or beds
– Tow light hoeing tools
– Carry crates and crops
– have a camera guidance assistance as an option (row tracking or rope).

Key features:
– Simple and easy to use
– Quiet (electric motor)
– Clean (no oil changes or filters to replace)
– No smoke or gas emissions (an advantage when working in greenhouses)
– Economical (electricity recharge costs < €1.5 for a day’s work).

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