E.T.H.A* MIMAX® are truly innovative in the field of working-at-height on natural terrain. This fully weld-free aluminium construction is the result of several years of research and exchanges with the sectors’ main stakeholders. The tripod ensures better stability on natural terrain than a conventional stepladder. They have been manufactured in France for almost 40 years by a team of dedicated enthusiasts, committed to constantly improving these products.
Our devices are compliant with the FD E85-052, a French document that regulates equipment used to work at a height in the tree-growing sector: broader base for enhanced stability, non-slip steps – 50 mm wide – to access the harvesting platform, front knee-support. The operator can do his job in a completely safe environment. An optional adjustable support leg can also be added. It is ideal to work on in steep orchards. They come with 3,4,5,6 and 7 steps for various working heights.
Visit our website at http://fee-shop.com and click on the “Documentation” tab to find out more about our MIMAX® check sheet. We encourage our customers to use this document once a year to check their equipment. Defective parts can be easily replaced by referring to our website, with a whole range of spare parts available.
*E.T.H.A: French for Working at Height Arboreal Equipment

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