KITAE is a crop treatment product to control diseases and enhance plant vigour. As a liquid solution applied by foliar spraying, it can be used alone or as part of a programme, depending on the disease pressure. Subject to compatibility, it is possible to combine KITAE in reduced dosage with conventional fungicides or copper in organic farming. This natural product, approved for Organic farming, is obtained from a marine and renewable co-product. It is both biodegradable and residue-free for the environment and the parts of the plant that are harvested. KITAE’s unique production process is unique and results in a concentrated liquid product with a dual action pathway:
– A well-known eliciting effect, through the action of chito-oligosaccharide oligomers (COS) which boosts the plant’s natural immunity.
– A mechanical effect based on the filmogenic and cationic properties of glucosamine polymers that curtail the germinative ability of infective units.
Its dual mode of action, ease of use and affordability make it suitable for all your crops and protect them from fungal and bacterial diseases to improve your harvests. KITAE has proven highly effective especially against downy mildew and powdery mildew in vine and bacterial diseases in fruit trees and vegetable plants (downy mildew in lettuce, Alternaria daucii in carrot) and aromatic and medicinal crops (downy mildew in basil, etc.). We recommend renewing treatment every 14 days on average, depending on the parasitic pressure. For optimal performance, KITAE needs to be applied preventively and then regularly throughout the whole production process.

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