This new self-propelled electric planter is clearly aimed at helping market gardeners who diversified in planting rootballs.
TERRATECK wanted to respond to a major challenge: how to mechanise rootball planting for small and medium-sized vegetable farms in a simple and affordable way?
EZY-Plant is THE compact solution combining work rate, manoeuvrability, ease of use and, above all, a work ergonomics that is incomparable to manual planting, all without making a sound.
Primarily designed for small and medium-sized vegetable farms, it will surely revolutionise your day-to-day work!
Full electric drive, variable number of rows and inter-row, adjustable planting rates, long autonomy and operator supply platform.
The cost of this undeniable convenience is between €8,000 and €13,000 excluding VAT, depending on the number of rows and options.
PLEASE NOTE: our design office is considering a 3-point transport solution to facilitate transport from the farm to the plot, making the work all the more autonomous.

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Category : Machines and automation
Nominated for SIVAL INNOVATION 2024

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