Engels Machines, the manufacturer of the AspergeSpin and AspergeSpinTunnelSystem, which have revolutionised asparagus harvesting in Europe, introduces its latest invention: the EcoSpader 2030, an innovative and environmentally friendly asparagus ridger.
The EcoSpader 2030 uses discs to consolidate the volume of soil available for the mound. It works the soil in depth without touching the crown to create a supple mound with homogenous soil to facilitate asparagus growth and harvesting. The height of the mound is fixed, and its width adapts according to the volume of soil, using sensors and jacks built into the machine.
The soil in the mounds is looser, making it easier to harvest the asparagus and improving its quality.
The EcoSpader 2030 is also an environmentally friendly machine, consuming less fuel and emitting less CO2 than a conventional rotary ridger.
It also respects the soil’s biodiversity, preserving plant cover between the rows of asparagus, which enhances the soil’s fertility and resistance.
The EcoSpader 2030 is the result of in-depth research into the needs of asparagus growers, who were suffering from problems such as soil compaction, picker fatigue and plant cover destruction.

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