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DINO is a robot which straddles vegetable beds to mechanically weed them.
It is particularly suitable for salad crops, which it weeds mechanically and autonomously using its hoeing and guidance tools.
Dino is adaptable and scalable. Work tools can be changed, as on a tractor, to adapt to different types of soils and crops.
Regular and precise hoeing provides effective weed control for farmers, without chemical herbicides.
Dino straddles vegetable beds autonomously! The time that you would have spent sitting and hoeing or laying mulch can now be devoted to other tasks.
DINO is electrically driven and consumes significantly less energy than a tractor.
It is lighter than a tractor, so it doesn’t compact soil, however many times it goes backwards and forwards.
It works from one bed to another, entirely independently, while you do something else and then when it has finished the weeding, it sends you an SMS.
Speed: 4 km/h
Size: Length 2.20 m / Width 2.10 m / Height 1.30 m (beds from 1.20 to 1.80 m)
Weight (excluding tools): 600 kg (depending on battery and tools configuration)
Battery life: 8 hours

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Category : Machinisme et automatisme
2017 SIVAL Silver medal winner

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