Our bespoke BG heating cane was created at our customers’ request. Made of 304 stainless steel, this 1.50 m long cane can bypass butterfly or ball valves when used with our special valve bypassing kit. It is waterproof for above-ground tanks. The valve bypassing kit must be removed before using the cane in underground tanks. It is immersed into the tank and held by a small stainless-steel chain. The heating area extends over 1 m at the end of the cane to keep the temperature up. Malolactic bacteria play a major part in yeast preparation and degassing. This cane is very user-friendly, light (cane+ kit = 2.5 kg) and safe as it can be used on the ground. The power cable is protected by a crimped sheath. A temperature control kit can also be fitted on the cane.

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Company name : BG SARL

Address : BG sarl
Hilay, 2 rue des Moulins

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Category : Machinisme et automatisme
Nominé pour le SIVAL INNOVATION 2019

Company details

Company name: BG SARL

Address: HILAY

Tel : 06 30 74 55 72

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