ARMELLE is the first strawberry variety selected on and for Réunion Island. It is a Ciref/Armeflhor co-variety created as part of a collaboration with the body in charge of designing new varieties within the French Strawberry Growers’ Association and the Fruit, Vegetable and Horticulture Technical Experimentation Centre on Réunion Island. Produced by Ciref using crossbreeding, ARMELLE was created in June 2017, following a decade of observations and experimentations by Armeflhor. ARMELLE was designed especially for the island’s climate: it does well in the heat, does not require very cold growing conditions and boasts good disease resistance. The fruit is light-coloured, with good flavour and storage tolerance. As well as aiming to produce quality strawberries, the research programme also seeks ways to grow strawberry plants locally to avoid the technical and health hazards associated with supplying the domestic market: ARMELLE is the first “100% péï” strawberry! (a Creole word meaning country, terroir)

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Company name: CIREF/Armeflhor

Address: Maison Jeannette

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Category : Varietal Innovation
2016 SIVAL Silver medal winner