New and innovative concept for producing and distributing fresh food products to hypermarkets and supermarkets: fruit and vegetables, fish: aquaponics. This is a combination of hydroponics (growing plants in water) and fish farming at or near the point of sale.
It is a sustainable system which enables the nitrogen produced by fish farming to be recycled to grow plants, without using chemical fertilisers, pesticides and phytosanitary products. The water is thus continuously recycled. This system of growing without soil does not require any land and can be installed in the sales area, enabling the consumer to enjoy healthy and tasty products throughout the year.
This innovative sales concept comes in 3 parts:
– a management system in the shopping centre where the aquariums and crop tables are installed
– a fresh merchandising system near the fish and vegetable departments. The fish will be raised in different aquariums behind the fish counter and the crop tables will be installed in the fruit and vegetable department
– a production system installed near the store where the fish and plants will be produced on a larger scale

Performance observed:
First strawberries in 5 weeks from seedlings. Production of 100kg of delicious tasting and smelling strawberries, one hundred extremely aromatic anthocyanin-rich basil seedlings, as well as more than twenty or so other plant species, and 200kg of fish (perch) raised from 3 to 120g in 36 weeks.

Sectors :
Category : Conditionnement, mise en marché
Nominated for SIVAL INNOVATION 2017

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