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Amylo-X® WG is a fungicide based on a strain of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens subsp. plantarum D747 used for fungal and bacterial diseases in greenhouse and field vegetable crops, tree growing and winegrowing.

Amylo-X® WG has a triple action: competition for space on treated plants, direct fungicidal effect of lipopeptides and a natural immunity boost.

Amylo-X® WG meets the latest demands from the market and society. This solution can be used in organic farming and features on the list of biocontrol products. It is a new plant protection tool aimed at helping producers better comply with increasingly restrictive specifications.

It is used to efficiently combat apple storage diseases, lettuce sclerotinia, mushroom trichoderma, stone fruit monilia and kiwi Psa among others. Amylo-X WG has been approved for over 30 crops.

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Category : Intrants Protections des cultures et fertilisation
2022 SIVAL Silver medal winner

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