Damaress Tomato


Damaress is a cluster tomato with a deep red colour both inside and outside, belonging to the ‘FULLRED’ programme.

FULLRED is the new De Ruiter range of varieties with deep red fruit inside and out. The dark red double colour makes the FULLRED tomato more attractive to consumers, both on the shelves or sliced on a plate. FULLRED is part of De Ruiter’s added value strategy:

– Tasty cluster tomato with an average fruit weight of 100-120 grammes

– High yield potential compared to the market reference varieties

– Tasteful variety with a high Brix degree

– FULLRED variety with an intense red colour, both inside and outside

– Jointed presentation of the fruit

– Good behaviour against powdery mildew (IR: On)

– Suitable for traditional and lighted cultivation, above or below ground


Sectors :
Category : Varietal Innovation
Nominated for SIVAL INNOVATION 2022

Company details

Company name: Bayer

Address: Maz de Rouzel
30000 Nimes

Tel : 06 07 81 71 75

Website : http://vegetables.bayer.com