Nemguard Granules


Nematodes are one of the hardest pests to control for farmers, due both to their specific nature and how hard it is to get to them deep in the soil.
In the wake of latest law and regulation changes, conventional solutions have become less attractive and are subject to more stringent conditions for use.
Nemguard Granules are breaking away from usual patterns by providing vegetable and carrot producers with an efficient and easy-to-use solution, with a main active ingredient based on real garlic extracts.
The way garlic extracts work has been identified and explained in concrete terms.
Granules applied with microgranulators upon sowing or planting are listed in the biocontrol product register and recognition of their suitability for organic farming is pending.

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Category : Intrants Protections des cultures et fertilisation
2018 SIVAL Bronze medal winner

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