One-piece LABELLING and CAPPING machine: great innovations designed with two main priorities in mind.
1/ Product selection.
Introducing a new system for the selection of multi-format products.
This system makes it possible to process cylinder-shaped or tapered products (50-120 mm diameter) without having to change the equipment.
2/ Crimping: electric cam and turret – dual distribution.
Electric cam:
We have developed a universal electric cam system to replace mechanical cams and bottle height setting cranks.
A unique system for all crimping tasks: complex aluminium caps for non-sparkling wines, heat-skrinkable, cap cover for sparkling wines (e.g. Champagne).
The dimensions of the consumable parts as well the strokes can be easily set using the touch screen for optimal cycle times.
We have also designed a turret to choose between crimping types without having to remove any parts.
There are three workstations available to switch freely from one crimping style to another (standard rollers, square rollers, heat processing, standard covers, narrow necks…)
A simple rotation is enough to switch format without any tedious handling, thus significantly optimising production changeover times.
Mixed cap distribution:
Based on our experience, we decided to retain two distinct distribution systems for each application and all distribution needs (non-sparkling wine caps and champagne-type cap covers) rather than a single hard-to-set system. We have developed a system based on a drawer concept to quickly change the distribution technique, so we don’t have to extend length of the machine.
As both dispensers stand at the same spot in the production line, the equipment is very compact.
By combining these breakthroughs, we managed to optimise different crimping types and to considerably increase productivity.
All these innovations are integrated into the newly designed frame for a new brand identity.

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