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Eclairvale®MPP is a newly developed device based on patent n°2677856, approved in 24 countries, to thin apple-trees from the flowering stage to the young fruit stage. This tractor-driven system consists of half-rigid rods attached to a rotating swing-out rotor (height: 2.5m, diameter: 3m). As the rods enter the branches and the tractor moves forward, the rotor spins gently and the rods brush against the branches resulting in some flowers and fruit falling off the tree. This mode of operation is a breakthrough innovation as the plant is neither struck nor shaken, leaving the tree and the remaining fruit unharmed. Eclairvale is also the first post-floral mechanical tool offering homogeneous fruit load regulation. Studies by the CTIFL (French union of fruit and vegetable professionals) have shown that growers using Eclairvale can now plan new cheaper and more eco-friendly thinning routes.
Eclairvale can:
– replace/reduce manual thinning operations.
– stop/reduce the use of chemicals.
– cut production costs.

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Category : Machinisme et automatisme
2018 SIVAL Gold medal winner

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