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The “Christian” asparagus harvester is a machine attached to the back of a tractor. The speed of the machine depends on the capacity of the people (1 to 3) sorting the asparagus on the conveyor belt at the rear of the machine. The maximum speed is 6 Km/h. The harvesting height is variable and adjustable. An automatic cutting height adjustment ensures a correct cutting result. The green asparagus is cut just above the ground with a specially designed band saw. The system ensures a very straight cut and minimal cutting loss during further processing. When necessary, the cutting band can be easily replaced.

After cutting, the asparagus is transported by means of a conveyor belt in the middle of the machine and is distributed over 2 side conveyors for removing the asparagus. Thanks to this arrangement, working conditions are considerably improved. The operators pre-sort the asparagus before packing it into boxes and can choose to leave the thin or deformed asparagus in the field or to collect it in boxes placed under the conveyors. Maximum space has been set aside to store empty and full crates on racks above and below the machine. The machine is hydraulically driven. The unit is coupled to the rear of a tractor and is very manoeuvrable and requires a minimum of space to turn.

It has been noticed that weeds start to play an important role in the middle of the harvesting season, which results in hiding the asparagus and slows down the manual harvesting. Also, when weeds are too tall they are transported with the asparagus, which reduces the visibility of the product on the conveyors.

As chemical weed control is not an option during harvesting and in order to solve this difficult problem, several trials were carried out at producers. As a result of these trials, the harvester has been equipped with a mechanical system at the rear of the harvester that allows weed control on the board. The producer can choose whether or not to use the equipment by means of a hydraulic system. Christiaens has many years of experience with its flexible tine hoes. This system makes it possible to scratch the soil during harvesting without damaging the asparagus that has already been harvested. See the documentation for the weeder option


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