Christian (Harvesting and weeding of green asparagus)

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Christian is rear tractor mounted machine The speed of the machine depends on the capacity of the 1-3 people who sort the asparagus from the belt on the back of the machine, with a maximum of 6 Km/h. The machine has a variable adjustable harvest height. With an automatic cutting height adjustment for the correct cutting result. The green asparagus is cut just above the ground with a specially designed band saw. The knife of this cutting system cuts the asparagus very straight, so that there is minimal cutting loss during later processing. If necessary the knife is easy to replace. The asparagus is brought up to working height by a belt. This ensures good working conditions. They fall on 2 grading belts. People on the machine pick up the asparagus from the belts, pre-sort it and put it in boxes. They can choose to leave the asparagus that is too thin or curved on the field. Or put boxes under the belts where the product falls in. Maximum space has been created for empty and full boxes on the racks at the top and bottom of the machine. The entire machine is driven hydraulically. Because Christian is mounted at rear of the tractor, it is very maneuverable and requires minimal space to turn. We noticed that weeds started to play an important role from the middle of the harvest season. The asparagus are between the weeds, which also delayed a manual harvest. Because the weeds were also harvested with Christian, they also ended up on the back of the machine. As a result, the asparagus was not always visible, this reduced the capacity of the people working on the machine. We have asked various green asparagus growers how they deal with this. This turned out to be a difficult problem. Chemical weed control is not an option during the harvest. And mechanical weed control would damage or remove the asparagus that is currently above the surface. During our testing a few growers came to see Christian at work. This resulted in the idea of an optional mechanical weed control under Christian. We already have years of experience with our Christiaens weeding machine in other crops. It uses flexible pins that move between the crop. The pins can be used under Christian to gently rake the bed during harvesting. Asparagus will not be damaged, because Christian just harvested them. The grower can choose whether to hydraulically lower the weed control or leave it up. So the machine is harvesting and weeding at the same time.

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