Faced with a rapidly growing world population that is putting pressure on agricultural production, Aisprid’s mission is to help Life flourish while supporting Human Beings, using high-precision robotics combined with artificial intelligence.

In response to the labour shortage that farmers are facing, Aisprid designs, manufactures and markets autonomous robots that are adapted to the plant world and capable of analysing it to act on it. Aisprid’s agricultural equipment are highly accurate to carry out the most meticulous tasks. They are equipped with a dedicated robotic arm and a patented customised cutting tool that is simple to use to avoid wasting time. They can be remotely supervised and are compatible with existing infrastructures. They reduce operational and health risks while improving the working conditions of those who look after life, plants and fruit alike.

In 2023, after 3 years of R&D in collaboration with producers, Aisprid deployed its first fleet of precise, scalable robots dedicated to tomato plant leaf stripping. This operation, which requires the same amount of manpower as harvesting, is essential to promote light penetration and improve fruit quality.

Aisprid robots operate in a living plant world. Every tomato plant is different. Each operation carried out in the greenhouse by the growers is meticulous, contextualised, specific and essential to the proper growth of the fruit. The Aisprid robots are therefore coupled with artificial intelligence to analyse and act on the plant with a very high level of precision. The job of cutting means that we must design a robot with very high standards in terms of design, manufacture and greenhouse operations.

The Aisprid leaf-stripping robot not only provides growers with a long-term solution to labour shortages, but also to the arduous task of leaf-stripping and crop protection. The purpose of robotics coupled with artificial intelligence is not to replace Human Beings, but to lend a helping hand. This is a first step towards the future of agriculture, where robotics and artificial intelligence supports life and human beings.

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2024 SIVAL Gold medal winner

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