Condensation and droplets inside your glasshouses are now a thing of the past!
Holimco has designed a new product for the glasshouse market: anti-condensation systems. Significant inside/outside temperature differentials can lead to a build-up of condensation on the glass inside the greenhouse. As glass becomes water-repellent (due to sediments accumulating on greenhouse walls), condensation turns into multiple droplets.
These droplets reflect light and filter out up to 5% of light over a whole year for a Venlo-type greenhouse (study carried out in the Netherlands). Beside this loss of light for plants, falling droplets also foster the growth of specific botrytis cultures.
Mardenkro has now developed a product that can be sprayed onto the glasshouse’s inner walls, making them hydrophilic, thus stopping condensation droplet build-up.
This innovation improves light transmission and averts specific diseases.

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