6 oscars +


One-piece box with integrated glued partitioning:

6 bottles for:

– An easier order management and storage as the box and the partitioning are but one element;

– An easier assembly and filling for wine growers, it can also be mechanised;

– An upright or lying storage for maximum protection thanks to the inverted ribs to strengthen the box,

– Can be equipped with a handle and is thus easy to take or use as a set.

– Available for 12 bottles.

Manufacturer's details

Company name : Denis DUMEZ

Address : Saica Pack Chemin de Tierrouge, 33430 Bernos-Beaulac, France

Website : http://saica.com

Sectors :
Category : Presentation, marketing
2020 SIVAL Bronze medal winner

Company details

Company name: SAICA PACK

Address: 15 avenue léonard de vinci
33600 PESSAC

Tel : 0556079697